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"The world was to me a secret which I desired to devine." - Mary Shelley (Frankenstein)




At the heart of Fairfield Community High School's Academics Department you will find one thing: outstanding academic programs. FCHS has approximately 12 academic departments in which numerous courses are offered. You can utilize this section of our website to find information about our academic departments, course offerings, guidance department, and more.

Summary of Academics

Fairfield Community High School takes pride in their academic curriculum provided to its students. The requirement for graduation from Fairfield Community High School is 23 credits. Advanced Placement courses are offered English Literature, Calculus AB and Biology. Honors courses are offered in English and Mathematics. Both AP courses and Honors courses are weighted courses. FCHS assigns letter grades using a 4.0 system. Class Rank is based on grade point average and is determined by semester final grades which carry credit. All grades earned while the student is at FCHS are included in the ranking. A cumulative unweighted GPA and a cumulative weighted GPA are reported on each student's transcript. A student's weighted grade point average is the basis of class rank.

For Further Information

If you find something that interests you, stop by the Guidance Department to request more information and learn all about our academics.